The Seneschal is the administrative officer and the legal representative for the Barony. A Seneschal’s duties include but are not limited to: the filing of reports, liaison with the Baron and Baroness and the other officers to ensure smooth operations of the Barony.


Barry McFadyen

The Herald organizes Court, leads the procession, opens Court, makes announcements during Court, closes Court, and leaves Court with the procession and provide consultation on names and arms.


Geneviefve d’Estelle
The Knight Marshal has the duty of being the general supervisor of all combat activities. This mostly includes armored combat by members and non-members alike. This is not a task to be taken lightly in that the Knight Marshal must ensure that everyone involved in any fighting scenario, whether in competition or at fighter practice are obeying all of the rules as set forth in both Kingdom & SCA law

Knight Marshall

Kálfr inn Kaldráði
The Warlord is responsible for building and mustering the Baronial army for fielding at wars and melee events.  The warlord works with the Baronage to bring military might to the field including combatants from all fighting styles including armored, rapier, archery, thrown weapons, and siege where appropriate.


Alain de la Rochelle
The Rapier Marshal has identical responsibilities to the Knight Marshal but is responsible for rapier fighting.

Rapier Marshall

Tassin Navetier

Identical to the Knight Marshall, responsible for managing archers and archery fields at tournaments.

Target Archery Marshall

Rose McDade

Identical to the Knight Marshall, responsible for managing thrown weapons and ranges at tournaments.

Thrown Weapons Marshall

Eadulf Beornwaldes sunu
The Ministers of the List (MoLs) work in partnership with the Marshals administering the combat activities within Atlantia. The list office is a group responsible for all the paperwork necessary to maintain fighter’s authorizations and run combat scenarios at events.

Minister of the Lists

The Chancellor of the Exchequer (or simply the Exchequer) is responsible for the finances of the barony, including income from events and donations, ongoing expenses, as well as the purchase of new equipment. The Exchequer also works with the Quartermaster to keep an up to date inventory of Baronial goods.

Chancellor of the Exchequer

Dýrfinna Freyviþardóttir

The Quartermaster is a deputy to the Chancellor of the Exchequer and is responsible for physical Baronial assets, including invetorying them, overseeing repairs, and arranging the check-in and out for use by members of the populace.


Keelin O’Duinn

The Chronicler is responsible for ensuring that local events calendars are kept up to date and any event information that needs to be published in the Acorn is delivered to the Kingdom Chronicler in a timely fashion.


Ursula von Bremen

The Ministry of Arts and Sciences seeks to provide resources for members of the Society for Creative Anachronism who are interested in the arts and sciences of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, and to promote the work of local Society artisans and craftspeople.

Minister of Arts and Sciences

Philomene de Lys
She / Her

The Web Minister is responsible for the care and feeding of online resources for their local group. Duties may include (but aren’t necessarily limited to) administering local websites, email lists, and online contact forms, moderating forums & other online content submission, and general web-related work.

Web Minister

Iðunn Eysteinsdóttir (Idonea)
She / Her

The Chatelaine is responsible for outreach and recruitment, the Chatelaine is responsible for hospitality services for newcomers and organizing demonstrations.

Chatelaine (Newcomer’s Coordinator)

The Chancellor for Youth Activities is responsible for organizing children’s activities at events.

Chancellor for Youth Activities

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