Officer Information Update & Release

    I am an officer of the barony or one of the cantons and provide permission for the publication of the following information on the public sections of the baronial web page (select at least one):

    NONE Please do not post any of my personal information and remove any existing information.Modern NameAddressHome PhoneWork phoneMobile PhoneEmail Address

    I am an officer for the following group(s) (select at least one):

    I hold the following office(s) and I am releasing the information noted above for publication in relation to (select at least one):
    Archery Marshall (Target)Archery Marshall (Combat)BaronageChatelaineChirurgeonChroniclerExchequerHeraldKnight MarshallMOASMOLQuartermasterRapier MarshallSeneschalWar LordWeb MinisterYouth Activities

    Please note: Modern and SCA names and email address are required for identification purposes.
    Modern Name (required):

    SCA Name (required):

    SCA Title:

    Email Address (required):


    Home Phone:

    Work phone:

    Mobile Phone:

    I understand that SCA policy states "It is permissible to list a person's Society name in connection with any office they hold without specific consent, as well as official office e-mail addresses such as"

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