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2. How do I subscribe to the Baronial Pennsic eMail List?

This list is for all members of the barony attending Pennsic regardless of where they camp. Although it is predominantly used to discuss how the baronial camp will run, other activities at Pennsic, such as when Baronial court will be, are also discussed. It is open to any and all who wish to subscribe – you do not have to be camping with the barony to join the list.

To subscribe to the windmasters mailing list, send email to with the subject subscribe

You can also go to the lists web page to subscribe.

Subscription is open – ie, not subject to moderator approval; however, you can only subscibe and unsubscribe yourself, not other people.

Posting to the list is restricted to subscribers, to help reduce spam. Info requests, like a list of members, are likewise restricted to subscribers. Messages sent out to the list have [Pennsic] appended to their subject line for your filtering convenience.

For those with multiple email addresses, it is possible to receive the list at only one account, but still be able to post to it from the other accounts. Simply subscribe both accounts to the keep list as described above, then go to the lists web page to adjust your account settings to not receive email.

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