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1. How do I subscribe to the Baronial email list (The Keep)?

The Windmasters’ Hill email list (The Keep) is open to any and all who wish to subscribe – you do not have to be a member of the Barony to join the list. Please join us to discuss topics related to the Barony or subjects of interest to local SCAdians…

To subscribe, go to The Keep’s web page

Subscription is open – ie, not subject to moderator approval; however, you can only subscribe and unsubscribe yourself, not other people.

Posting to the list is restricted to subscribers, to help reduce spam. Info requests, like a list of members, are likewise restricted to subscribers. Messages sent out to the list have *WH* appended to their subject line for your filtering convenience.

For those with multiple email addresses, it is possible to receive the list at only one account, but still be able to post to it from the other accounts. Simply subscribe both accounts to the keep list as described above, then go to The Keep’s web page to adjust your account settings to not receive email.

To help keep the list a high-signal, low-noise resource, please be prepared to follow the Acceptable Use Policy:

The Windmasters’ Email List is primarily intended as a forum for discussion of topics relevant to the SCA in general and to the Windmasters’ area SCAdians in particular. While levity is the spice of life, list members are asked to bear in mind that many subscribers have restricted inbox size and/or time to read email and to avoid postings with solely humorous content, one-liners, and “me too” posts.

List members are requested to remember that email is a medium with its own etiquette, and to follow the more widely-established customs of that etiquette. Generally speaking, that runs mostly to remembering that words on a page do not convey the same wealth of information that spoken conversation contains. Without the benefit of body language and vocal inflection, it becomes much harder to interpret humor, sarcasm, or intensity of response. Please bear in mind that we’re all friends here…

Unfortunately, it has become necessary to specifically prohibit certain behavior on this list. Two things are unacceptable on the Windmasters’ list: reposting of private email, and gratuitous flamage. Intentional reposting of private email (except at the request of the sender) is unmistakable, and will not be tolerated; one instance is grounds for unsubscription. Gratuitous flamage is much more of a grey area, and at some point must inevitably fall to the discretion of the list owner; any listmember indulging in such inappropriate behavior will be contacted off-list and requested to cease. Only if that request is ignored will the listmember be unsubscribed.

Other Useful Info
The mailing list software is set to reject posts which
a) have a bazillion different recipients in the header, or
b) are over 40k in size.
What this means is: don’t email the list and copy several dozen of your closest friends – send it to everyone else and then send a separate message to the list. And don’t send graphics, executables, or other large binary files with your posts; they cause bandwidth problems on the mailserver and can overrun the mailboxes of subscribers with small quotas. The best way to distribute an image or executable is to make it available on the web and post the URL; if you don’t have easy access to put something on the web, email the web staff and we’ll work something out.

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