The Barony of Windmasters’ Hill Charter

Last updated – October 26, 2003


  1. I.            The Charter
    1. This is the Charter of the Barony of Windmasters’ Hill. It provides guidelines for the running of the Barony. Atlantian Law and Corpora shall always take precedence over this charter.
    2. The Charter may be amended or altered at any time, provided that all proposed changes to the Charter shall be published in the Baronial Newsletter at least one month before the Baronial meeting in which they will be discussed and either accepted or rejected.


  1. II.            Baronial Tenure
    1. The tenure for the Territorial Baron and/or Baroness shall be two years, renewable upon a vote of confidence, per Atlantian Law. The Territorial Baron and/or Baroness may step down at any time during their tenure.
    2. Pre-Polling Procedure

1. The Baronial Seneschal shall announce that names are being accepted for consideration for Territorial Baron and/or Baroness. The populace shall send their suggestions to the Seneschal within one month of this announcement. The Seneschal will confirm the receipt of each nomination with the submitter. The Seneschal must notify the nominees, who then must accept in writing to the Seneschal within two weeks of notification. Those people who accept shall be listed on a polling, per Atlantian Law.

  1. Pollings and Votes of Confidence shall be in the format described by Atlantian Law.


  1. III.            Baronial Awards
    1. The Awards of the Barony of Windmasters’ Hill are as follows:

1. Order of the Boreas – Arts & Sciences

2. Order of the Kittyhawk – Service

3. Order of the Don Quixote – Extraordinary Service

4. Order of St. Nicholas – Service by and/or for Children

5. Order of the Tempest – Fighting

6. Baronial Award of Excellence

7. Honorary Baronial Citizenship

  1. These awards are given at the discretion of the Baron and/or Baroness.


This Charter comes into effect as of November 2003 and supersedes all previous versions of this Charter.

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