Calligraphy and Illumination Guild Charter

Charter of the Calligraphy and Illumination Guild of the Barony of Windmasters’ Hill

Article I – Purpose

The Calligraphy and Illumination Guild of Windmasters’ Hill (hereafter referred to as “the Guild”) is a guild dedicated to the practice, teaching, and research of the Medieval hand and book writing, illumination and painting of manuscripts, whether scroll, codex, or otherwise, and how they relate to the Society for Creative Anachronism (SCA) and its focus on pre-17th century life.

Article II – Membership

Membership shall be open to all citizens in good standing of the Barony of Windmasters’ Hill who are interested in some aspect of the scribal arts. Membership is informal, but can be confirmed by participation in official Guild activities, as noted by either the current administration of the Guild, or longstanding reputation of the citizen as affiliated with the Guild.

Article III – Administration

The Head of the Guild shall be known as the Principal.  The deputy shall be known as the Vice Principal.  The Principal shall serve for a term of no more than two years consecutively (unless a suitable replacement cannot be found, in which case the Principal shall continue to serve until such time as a suitable replacement is found, using all prudent haste to do so).  The Vice Principal shall become Principal upon retirement of the previous Principal, unless the Baronage shall appoint another suitable person instead.  

Article IV – Duties

  1. The Guild shall make all effort to promote the Scribal arts throughout the Barony, through the use of classes, Scriptoria (here defined as gatherings for the purpose of free scribal time), sponsored competitions, etc.  
  2. The Guild shall in every way seek to uphold the Guild’s reputation for excellence in the Scribal Arts, in agreement with it’s royal award of the Silver Nautilus, given October AS 14.  
  3. The Guild shall endeavour to support the award process of the Barony, at the pleasure of the current Baronage.  

Article V – Symbols

The heraldry of the Guild is blazoned as follows: Per chevron Azure and Vert, a Boreas blowing in bend surmounted by a quill pen in bend sinister Or.

This guild was awarded a Silver Nautilus for excellence in the arts by TRMs Logan and Arielle, so this badge is often displayed with the Silver Nautilus badge attached below

Article VI – Amendments to the Charter

The leadership shall be able to amend this charter so as to keep up with current issues and so as not to be in conflict with any Society or Kingdom law; this will be done when all members of the leadership are in agreement and have consulted with current Baronage.

Appendix A—Code of Conduct

  1. We shall in all matters uphold the ideals set forth in this Charter.
  2. We shall uphold the anti-harassment and anti-bullying policies of the SCA and Kingdom of Atlantia
  3. We hall uphold the Financial Policies of the SCA, The Kingdom of Atlantia, and the Barony of Windmasters’ Hill.  

Appendix B—Letter from the Baronage of Windmasters’ Hill

The Baron and Baroness of Windmasters’ Hill to all and singular, Greeting. Know ye that we have granted and given to our own Scribes, liberty to recharter this guild being that the original Charter was lost, within our Barony of Windmasters’ Hill, at their own charges, the aforesaid guild with as many scribes as shall wish to learn the Scribal Arts, whosoever they may be; and liberty to set forth with the same gentles, and any others that may be added to the roster of the Guild at a later date, so learned and practiced, unto the Knowne World for the purpose aforesaid.

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