Baronial Whims

Whims of their Excellencies Elizabeth of Rosewood and Lukas von Reumer.

His Excellency

  • Diet sodas are good, except pepsi, for it is vile.
  • Water
  • No Mushrooms – but if they are in the dish, He will share them with the Baroness
  • No visible eggs – If they are part of a recipe, like a cake, then that’s fine.
  • Meat is good.

Her Excellency

  • Coffee – regular and not decaf. – Splenda and creamer, milk etc. No Aspartame.
  • (NutraSweet) for it is vile and will cause headaches.
  • Water
  • Meat is good.
  • If we are both fighting, no real food is needed during the fighting activity, just water.

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