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Pennsic 50

July 28 – August 13, 2023

If you wish to camp with Windmasters’ Hill at Pennsic, you MUST:

  1.  Pre-register with Coopers Lake for Pennsic by Sunday, June 11.
  2. Fill out the Windmasters’ Hill Pennsic Camp Form by Saturday, June 10th.
The Baronial Camp registration form helps us plan the baronial camp layout. Please remember you MUST register with Coopers Lake in order for our land group to receive your allotment.
Things to keep in mind when you register:
  1. The camp requires you donate at LEAST 75 sq feet of land per camper to account for the shower, common tent, paths and other service areas of camp.
  2. Camp fees are per person that attends, not per registration.  Due date is July 1st (Saturday) They pay for water filters, fuel, hospitality (in common tent) and other camp materials. Camp fees can be paid via paypal to  and are:
  • $50 for anyone age 13 and above
  • $30 for age 12 and under

Please include who you are paying for in the note with the payment.  Alternative payment methods will be made available if needed.

If you have any questions please contact the camp stewards Solvarr Hammerson or Marion Le Red. Both can be reached at: and
There will be an OPTIONAL meal plan, the cost of the meal plan is $20.00 per day at war per person. The meal plan will work around food sensitivities. There is a second Google doc for those wanting to be on the meal plan. The meal plan will be run by Graciela, Baroness of Storvik.
Everyone on the meal plan will be asked to take chore responsibilities for the meal plan, food prep or dishes. The meal plan will be a breakfast and dinner with cooler leftovers for lunches.
We share camp responsibilities with the Baronies of Ponte Alto, Black Diamond and Storvik.

Sometimes people are not sure what all we try to have in the Baronial camp. Here is a short list of the facilities that we setup:

  • Common Tent – A place to hang out or have a meal.
  • Water Filters – Due to a high iron content filtering the water can make it more palatable.
  • Scullery – A dishwashing and drying station.
  • Showers – We have hot water on demand 24/7 with filtered water.
  • Water/Snacks – We try to have cool water as well as snacks in the common tent for hospitality.

Remember to register for Pennsic and the Baronial camp if you are staying there.

Windmasters’ Hill Pennsic Gatherings:
  • Welcome meeting/get together
  • Baronial Beer Bash/evening party ??
  • If there are other gatherings that you would like to host or plan, please let us know and we’d be happy to add them.

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