Heraldry & Awards

Originally compiled by Baron Eógan mac Ailpein
What follows is the registered heraldry and awards for the Barony of Windmasters’ Hill.
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Baronial Name


Name Registered Eogan’s Notes
Barony of Windmasters’ Hill August 1979
Barony of Windmaster’s Hill October 1979 Alternate spelling
Shire of Windmasters’ Hill from January 1976 to August 1979 Old shire name


Baronial Arms


Image Blazon Registered Eogan’s Notes

Windmasters' Hill Arms
Per chevron Azure and Vert, in chief two boreae addorsed and conjoined and in base a winged cat passant, forepaw extended, wings elevated and addorsed, all Argent, within overall a laurel wreath Or October 1979 Current Arms


Baronial Populace Badges


Image Blazon Registered Eogan’s Notes

Original Badge
(Fieldless) A winged cat passant extended Purpure January 1976

Populace Badge
(Fieldless) A winged cat passant, forepaw extended, wings elevated and addorsed, Argent October 1979 The badge most commonly used by the populace

Baronial Orders (Non-Polling)

A person can only be inducted into any one order once

Image Name Blazon Registered Eogan’s Notes

Badge of Kittyhawk
Order of Kitty Hawk
Order of Kittyhawk (alternative spelling)
(Fieldless) A winged cat sejant affronty facing to sinister, wings displayed, Argent August 1979 (blazon)
October 1979 (order name)
April 1982 (alternate spelling)
For service to the Barony

Badge of Boreas
Order of Boreas (Fieldless) Two boreae addorsed and conjoined Argent October 1979
Name re-registered April 1982
For excellence in Arts & Sciences

Badge of Don Quixote
Order of Don Quixote Per chevron Azure and Vert, a windmill Argent August 1979 (Blazon)
October 1979 (Name)
April 1982 (Name re-registered)
For service to the Barony above and beyond sanity

Badge of St Nicholas
Order of St. Nicholas Per chevron Azure and Vert, a wooden shoe proper fimbriated Or between three bezants Or August 1979 (Blazon)
October 1979 (Name)
For service by a child to the barony or by an adult for the children of the barony

Badge of Tempest
Order of the Tempest Gules, a winged domestic cat salient to sinister and maintaining a sword palewise Argent April 1990 For excellence in martial activities
NB: The sword should not penetrate the edge of the red field

Badge of Aeolus
Order of the Aeolus (Fieldless) an annulet Or pellety November 2007 For those that distinguished themselves at martial activity while not having yet reached 18 years of age


Baronial Awards

All of these awards can be given more than once

Image Name Blazon Registered Eogan’s Notes
Baronial Award of Excellence No badge
NB:the baronage typically gives the receipient a personal token or gift
Un-Registered For excellence in any field of endeavor at Their Excellencies’ discretion
Baroness’ Award of Courtesy No badge
The Barones typically gives the receipient a personal token or gift
Un-Registered Given by the Baroness to recognize noteworthy courtesy
Honorary Baronial Citizenship No badge
The baronage typically gives the receipient a scroll
Un-Registered For a notable person who is moving out of the Barony or a notable person who lives outside Windmasters’ Hill but who does service in this Barony

Badge of Eurus
Award of the Eurus (Fieldless) an annulet Vert platy November 2007 Given for single noteworthy act of service

Badge of Hurt
Award of the Hurt (Fieldless) an annulet Argent hurty February 2011 Given to someone injured in service to the Barony

Badge of Sciroco
Award of the Torteau (Fieldless) an annulet Gules platy February 2011 (blazon)
September 2013 (name).
Given for a single effort of distinction on the fighting field
Originally named the Scirroco. Renamed Torteau when Scirroco could not pass.

Badge of Notus
Award of the Notus (Fieldless) an annulet Azure platy February 2011 Given for a single wonder of Arts and Sciences
Companion of the Golden Ladle
Per chevron azure and vert, two ladles in saltire Or.
2017 Given in recognition for excellence in cooking.


Baronial Guilds


Image Name Blazon Registered Eogan’s Notes

Badge of Notus
Calligraphers and Illuminators Guild Per chevron Azure and Vert, a boreas blowing in bend surmounted by a quill pen in bend sinister Or October 1979 This guild was awarded a Silver Nautilus for excellence in the arts by TRMs Logan and Arielle, so this badge is often displayed with the Silver Nautilus badge attached below
  Needlework Guild Argent, fretty Azure, a pair of scissors opened in saltire, points to base, Or August 1979

Badge of WHBAC
Windmasters’ Hill Baronial Archer Corps Per pale Vert and Purpure, a winged cat passant, forepaw extended and maintaining a sheaf of arrows inverted, wings elevated and addorsed, Argent Un-Registered
Formed in 1976
The badge is not required to be registered as the arrows are not sufficient to cause a clear difference
Flagon and Cask The baronial brewing and vinting guild was estab-lished in the early 2000s. It has no passed heraldry.


Former Awards


Image Name Blazon Registered Eogan’s Notes

Badge of WHBAC
Award of Purple Kitty
Award of the Purple Heart
Purpure, a winged cat passant, forepaw extended and bandaged, wings elevated and addorsed, Argent Un-Registered For people injured in service to the Barony
Award of Cat’s Meow (Fieldless) a cat’s head couped Argent Un-Registered Given for service to the barony which does not yet warrant a Kittyhawk by Baroness Lucia
Award of Dormant Kittyhawk (Fieldless) a winged cat dormant Argent Un-Registered For members of the Barony who have the ability to fall asleep anywhere

Canton Arms

Image Canton Blazon Registered
Elvegast Per chevron azure and vert; in chief two aeoli with breaths conjoined at fess point argent; in base a laurel wreath Or. Name and Arms: August 1979
Kapellenberg Per chevron inverted argent and azure, a tower azure and a laurel wreath Or. Name: June 1981

Arms: October 1982, Reblazoned June 1998

Buckston-on-Eno Per bend wavy vert and azure, a hart counterspringing argent, environed of a laurel wreath Or. Name: April 1982

Arms: August 1979

Attilium Per fess embattled gules and argent, two crosses moline Or and a laurel wreath azure.

(Former heraldry, released in 2002: Gules, a laurel wreath and in chief four yak tails palewise argent.)

Name: December 1982

Arms: September 2002

Nimenefeld Gules, a garb within a laurel wreath and on a chief Or a demi-sun gules. Name: November 2000

Arms: March 2006

Baronial Populace Badges

Image Canton Blazon(s) Registered
Elvegast (Fieldless) Two Aeoli with breaths conjoined, argent.

Additional Badge: Gules, a bend sinister of five lozenges conjoined argent.

Kapellenberg Azure, three towers conjoined in pall inverted argent. October 1982

Reblazoned June 1998

Buckston-on-Eno Vert, a stag’s head couped and sinister facing, Or and a ford proper. July 1989
Attilium (Fieldless) An ypotryll passant Or. March 2014


Heraldic Definitions


What follows is NOT a complete list of heraldic definitions. It is a list of those terms for the heraldry used by the Barony of Windmasters’ Hill.

Term Definition
Aeolus Greek god the keeper of the winds
Annulet A ring. The emblem of strength. The Romans represented Liberty by it
Argent Silver or White
Azure Blue
Boreas Greek god of the north wind
Eurus Greek god of the east wind
Fieldless A design which may be presented on any background, for example, a maker’s mark..
Fimbriated An ordinary, or charge, having an edge or Bordure all round it, in our case it is border Or all around a wooden shoe.
Fretty An even number of pieces crossing bendways, dexter and sinister, and interlacing each other.
Gules Red
Hurt An azure roundel
Hurty A semy of Hurts
Notus Greek god of the south wind
Or Gold or Yellow
Pellet A Sable roundel. Also known as gunstones or ogresses
Pellety A semy of Pellets.
Plate An Argent roundel
Platy A semy of Plates.
Purpure Purple
Roundel Round figures which may be charged with any figure. In blazon change their names according to the different tinctures of which they are composed, except when they are counter-changed. When Or (gold or yellow) they are called Bezants. When Argent (silver or white) = Plates. Gules (red)= Torteau. Azure (blue)= Hurts. Vert (green)= Pomeis. Sable (black)= Pellets, Gunstones or Ogresses. Purpure = Golpes. Tenné = Oranges. Barry wavy, Argent and Azure = Fountains. These figures are all globular, except the bezant, plate, and fountain.
Sable Black
Scirocco A Mediterranean wind that comes from the Sahara and reaches hurricane speeds in North Africa and Southern Europe
Semy This means that the Field, Charge, Crest, or Supporter, is strewed over with figures, such as roses, stars, etc. When strewed with fleur-de-lis it is then termed Semée-de-lis.
Vert Green
Zephyros Greek god of the west wind

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