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Baronial Artisans Directory

Hail Windy Kitties!


We now have an online Artisan’s Directory!

It is a google spreadsheet and it needs your input!

Please visit this link and enter in your name in the first column and which arts and/or sciences you enjoy in the following columns.

Please rate yourself on a scale of 1-3 in your skill level with 3 being “mastery” (having no relationship to your participation in the Order of the Laurel or not).   Please enter a digit of 1-3 in the box corresponding to the art of your choice on the row with your name in it.

Ratings can generally be interpreted thusly:
0= no clue
1= beginner
2= some experience
3= mastery; I can teach a class in this topic & you can ask me anything about this topic and if I don’t know the answer I know how to look for it.
If there is no column representing the art of your choice, please add it on the far right end of the spreadsheet.  If you have any trouble, please contact the MOAS (  and I’ll enter your data for you or help you through it.
The intent of this directory is to help the members of our barony learn about others who are interested in similar crafts especially when those people participate in different cantons.
Please do not hesitate to ask me questions about this project and ask me for help!
Many thanks for your participation,

Lady Sophia the Orange


To contact the Windmasters’ Hill Minister of Arts and Sciences:

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