Kappellenberg Directions

It is somewhat complicated to get to our canton’s meeting space. Its location is Chapel of the Cross church, 304 E. Franklin St., Chapel Hill, NC 27516.

Please park in the Morehead Planetarium parking lot or on Franklin St. It will cost $1 to park in the Morehead lot, or the street is free. Parking can be paid for via http://parkmobile.us (#4500) or at the kiosk at the southwest corner of the lot. We are absolutely forbidden to park in the church parking lot.

Once you park, walk to the east of the parking lot, toward the church. If you were standing on the sundial, facing the street, the church is on your right. Walk through the low hedge at the steps, and go up the 3-4 steps to the side door. The door will be open until 7:30, when it locks automatically. Usually there will be someone sitting on the bench just inside who will open the door for you, but if there isn’t, please text or call Margaret at 919-972-8957.

Once inside, we are usually in the fellowship hall, but if there is a function, we will be down in the basement. Whoever opens the door for you can tell you where to go.

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